“Its hard to stay sucker free in a land of lollipops”

Just one of the random thoughts that crossed my mind, as I travel through this journey of life continuing my quest for glory.

My name is Dino Sunny, aka Dino the Don, aka Sunny D, aka Cabessa, aka Daddy D, aka Positive Dino Sunny, and last but not least, The Big Headed Bandit… all of which I will eventually tell you the stories behind as we get to know each other better.

These nick names I have accumulated over various chapters of my life.  From being a war refuge at 7 years old and working in sweat shops in Turkey, to the streets of Queens & Long Island NY, all the way to fight training at The World famous 5th street Gym in South Beach, or the wild & flashy Miami nightlife scene were I met my wife, and every chapter in between has conditioned my mindset to only see the positive and hope in life.  My stories, insight, advice, tools, and wisdom I hope to share with you all. I promise to give you a dose of that Bosnian-Albanian realness at every turn.

“Kindness is Beauty at its Finest”